Waterloo Air Show – June 2013

CF-18 at Waterloo Airshow, June 2013

CF-18 with 2013 paint colours at Waterloo Airshow

One of the things that we do when not shooting commercial photography is take images of all kinds of  aircraft, both fast and slow….

I went to the Waterloo Airshow, June 1st, in Waterloo, Ontario and had lots of great opportunities to capture fabulous aircraft images up close. The airshow has a wide range of military, historic and commercial of aircraft on static display and offers many vantage points to shoot from.

The Waterloo Airshow offers a broad range of performers, including the Canadian Snowbirds!

An added attraction is that the taxiways for the landing strips are a stones throw away from the spectator area, offering great chances to capture close in aircraft images.

Even though we got rained on, the show is one I will return to in the future.

This is the one of the best vantage point shots, CF-18, painted in the 2013 colour scheme is an example of how close you can pull an image in …

Update 2015: Unfortunately, the Waterloo Airshow has been cancelled according to their twitter account. This is really too bad as this show had the best access around for taking images of the CF-18! We will miss it!

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