ckmm|photographic is full service photo/video house offering services covering both Ground based and Aerial cameras offering photography and videography.

We offer a range of services for end to end production,  taking your project from creative design, and pre-production and scouting through to capture, graphic generation and post production including Photoshop, audio and video editing, with output to a range of formats..

We can also add unique production value to your project via our Aerial services, fully insured and flying with permission from Transport Canada.

With our expertise in the RPAS field, we also offer a comprehensive Training and Coaching program for RPAS Flight operations, up to and including preparation for the new upcoming RPAS Flight reviews.

Feel free to give us a call or use our contact form to discuss your next project.

ckmm|photographic is a proud member of ASMP,  Unmanned Systems Canada and CUAVA.









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