Drone for The Holidays?

Drone for The Holidays!

Small RPAS or Drones are becoming more and more popular as gifts during the holidays and throughout the year!

That’s not surprising as they can be a lot of fun…

What’s new this year is that most drones sold at Christmas fall under the new RPAS regulations introduced in June this year by Transport Canada.

We’re sure that all of our readers will join with USC-STC in our quest of safe drone operations in Canada.

It helps our professional operators get their jobs done, and helps keep the manned and unmanned aviation sectors working safely together!

If a family member or someone you know has received a new drone overthe Holidays, here are some tips to pass along:

  • If it weighs 250 grams or bigger, the drone needs to be registered with Transport Canada.
  • Anyone operating a 250g or larger drone for either recreational or commercial usage, in most cases, they will need at least a Basic Pilot Certificate issued by Transport Canada after taking an on-line exam.
  • Some locations, near airports and helipads are out of bounds and you need special permission from NavCan to operate your drone around there.
  • If going on vacation, check the rules for the vacation spot you’re visiting to see if you can bring your drone along.
  • If you’re new to all of this, it’s always a good idea to get training from a TC recognized Training School to learn the basics.

By following a few simple rules, everyone can enjoy their new drones and fly safely!

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