UAV Aerial Photo and Video

ckmmphoto OFfers RPAS Video and Image Capture to add a distinctive look to your Productions

At ckmmphoto, we offer a full range of Aerial Services for clients located in the GTHA area and throughout Ontario.

We have a wide range of UAVs available to fly different cameras, depending on clients specific needs and budgets. Our experienced pilots have successfully completed Transport Canada specified UAV Ground School and our pilots have many years of small Aircraft and UAV flying to ensure a safe and controlled mission each time we fly.

Our current fleet includes the DJI Inspire 1 and 2, Inspire 1 Black Pro, Mavic Pro and Mavic Pro 2 as well as several medium and heavy lift UAVs, able to lift heavier cameras.

All of our cameras are capable of capturing up to 4K video and high resolution stills from a unique vantage point in the airspace over your business location, construction site, project location or building.

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Our trained team of pilots and videographers can capture the unique image or video to capture the best exposures for your project. We can also assist with geomapping and image capture beyond just still photography.

All of our pilots have Advanced Pilot Certificates with Flight Reviewer status, and we have the equipment and expertise to fly our cameras in the most challenging situations, including urban, suburban locations and downtown cores.

For companies and individuals looking to get access to this new technology, ckmmphoto also offers a range of consulting services on RPAS Technologies, including Operational Manual Development, Pilot Training and full RPAS implementation development.

Fee free to give us a call or email to request a quote for your next commercial, corporate or aerial project.

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