Proposed TC Changes to Small UAV Rules

In May of this year, Transport Canada issued a Notice of Proposed Amendments for Small UAV Rules.

You can find the Notice of Proposed Amendments on the Transport Canada website.

Why should we here at ckmm|photographic care about these proposed rules?

The reason is simply because the various aircraft we use for aerial videography and photography are governed by a current set of complex, costly, and poorly understood rules. The associated procedures that these rules require, while clearly necessary, are proving costly to implement and maintain.

We fly under permission from Transport Canada, and this permission can take a long time to obtain.

Bottom line, these rules are needed to ensure that our aircraft play well with other users in the airspace to ensure that every one stays safe.

Having reviewed the extensive list of comments, and after checking out the comments from other operators and industry group. we have pulled together a set of inputs on the new rules.

ckmmphotographic has provided our comments to Transport Canada in this submission. It’ based on an overall theme that we need new rules and regulations around the use of Small UAVs in both recreational and commercial situations that are straightforward, understandable and cost-effective to implement.

You can get our submission here…

Submission to TC on Small UAVs

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