ckmmphotographic Issued National Standing Complex SFOC!

As many of you know, UAVs (or as they will soon be known, RPAS) are flown commerically in Canada under permission from Transport Canada via a permit called an Standing Flight Operations Certificate or SFOC.

For the past several years, ckmmphoto has applied for and received Complex Standing SFOCs, that allow us to fly commerically in a wide range of places, with a number of requirements, for example, that we follow our processes for Site Surveys, we co-ordinate with NavCan, we have appropriate liability insurance and so on. These are usually valid for one year.

In the past, we’ve restricted our flying to Ontario locations, but as our current SFOC was expirying, we applied for a renewal and expanded our application to all of Canada. It has been a busy year for us and we are looking at expansion beyond our current boundaries!

Today, after sending our application in over a month ago, we were issued our new SFOC, a National for all of Canada.

image of our standing SFOC for all of Canada.

This means that we can now service clients from Coast to Coast!

This was all possible with the assistance of the whole team here at ckmmphoto, as well as invaluable assistance from our inspectors at Transport Canada.

Onto the next project!

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