ckmmphoto gets an Standing SFOC for Ontario

Last week, we received a call from our Transport Canada Inspector to tell us that we had completed the requirements for our Ontario Standing SFOC for Ontario and it would be issued shortly. Our initial application was filed January 22. Our Standing SFOC is valid starting April 1st for a year. April 1st seems fitting.

This comes after more than 15 months of UAV flights covering real estate, aerial video, farms and barns as well as Ground School training, many SFOC applications, development of an extensive operations manual/processes and of course UAV development and flying.

A Standing SFOC is a necessary tool to get into any real-time Aerial Operations, be it photo/video, surveying, geomapping, or urban real estate work. It means that Transport Canada has reviewed our operations processes and documentation and we have been able to demonstrate a suitable level of competence and ability to fly safely without specific flight by flight permission from Transport Canada.

Today, the SFOC application arrived in the mail. This makes flying in real-time a little easier. It was a great effort by the team here at ckmmphoto including Ken, Keith and Drew, and we’re all really pleased!

We’ve got a number of projects in the pipeline, but would be happy to help out with any project you might have in mind.

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