Low Light Photography on an iPhone

I had the opportunity to attend the Alton Brown Live tour while he was here in Toronto, one of the tour stops (lucky for the Toronto audience). I had ordered the tickets last year, and finally the date rolled around.

It was a great show, and I expected that. Alton Brown is a great chef and a great entertainer, and he did not upset my expectations!

What I didn’t expect it that they would not expressly prohibit photography, so when I arrived, all I had was my iPhone with me… and the opportunity to take some shots and post on Twitter. This was a classic case of low light photography.

Theatres usually have a wide dynamic range of light from the bright stage lights to the dark pools and confuse many cameras. I had an opportunity to try my iPhone out, having left my Nikon V1 in our hotel.

As always, in tough lighting situations, you have to be aware of framing, take lots of shots and if you can, turn on the HDR setting to help… Holding the shutter button on the iPhone will capture a sequence of images to make it easier to get an decent,  in focus,  image.

I continue to be amazed at how well the iPhone does this… Not as good as my Nikons to be sure, but as they say, the best camera is the one that’s with you. The pictures are pretty sharp, lighting reasonably well exposed and great for social media or posts.

Here are some examples…

Megabake (adult EasyBake) 54000 watts of cooking power…

IMG 5892

How to  make carbonated ice cream with a C02 fire extinguisher and a gallon of chocolate milk…

IMG 5819

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