How to get better at your Photography!

Many times as a photographer, I get involved in conversations about what the right camera gear is for portraits or landscape or whatever!

Which camera or flash or gadget or widget is the right bit of technology that will allow for the creation of the perfect image?

The more experience I gain, the more I come to appreciate the concept that one of the best ways to learn is at the feet of masters in photography.

Learning the Art of Photograpy, I really believe, is no different.

In spite of the hype from the camera manufacturers, the gear is not the most important part of the exercise to become a good photographer. There are many paths to getting better at your craft.

The one I recommend if asked is a well kept secret: the Digital Photography Program at your local community college.

Taking a few courses in photography, even the introductory courses, will pay you back handsomely. The first two or three introductory classes will give you a solid grounding in exposure, composition and using your shiny new DLSR digital camera, all critical to moving forward with your photography.

Even more important is that taking the courses will force you to get out, shoot more and take your images for critiquing and feedback from photographers who are experts in their craft. Give it a try!

What’s one good way to get better in your photography?

Go back to school!

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