Cottage Country Aerials

We did a project last fall for a resort in Halliburton whose owner was interested to see what their place would look like from a UAV perspective. While they had aerial images from an aircraft in the past, no one had ever shot from a lower angle that would offer a different vantage point and a camera that was closer to the ground!

So one warm fall day, we fined-tuned our Site Survey, set up a NOTAM via NavCan so that local air traffic would know that we would be flying and spent an afternoon and morning shooting their property. We flew about 200m away from our shore take off point, and kept the altitude below 100 or so meters.

The air was clear and the temperatures were perfect for this type of flying.

We used a 17mm wide-angle lens on this shoot on the DJI X5 camera.  The images on the web can only hint at the resolution on our original images that is possible with this camera and lens combination! 



Lake View from Resort


Waterfront Properties

Main Lodge

Round Lake Beach

Inspire 1 hard at work…

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